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Organizing craft stuff is just as creative as crafting.  It seems I’m always looking for ways to make it easier to find what I need from my stash. Having to put a lot of stuff into draws and behind closet doors, you tend to forget to reach for them. Out of sight out of mind.… Continue reading Organizing

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Where have I been….

 My site has been dormant along with my creative life for over two years. At the end of 2013 I had an epiphany. At least that’s what I called it. In reality a birthday ending in “zero” came and I realized that there was one thing I needed to complete my college degree. I’ve been on… Continue reading Where have I been….

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A Cricut Gift

There are times that I’ll be watching a You Tube Video and I see that someone uses a Silhouette cut file on their layout. Of course it’s cute and I immediately want it. But I don’t own a Cameo or other Silhouette Machine. I own the Cricut Expression and the Expression 2 and I don’t plan… Continue reading A Cricut Gift

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Making your own enamel dots with Perler Beads

Hi everyone! Recently I went to a crop and gave some of my home made enamel dots to those who were there. That stirred an interest on how to make them. I decided to make a quick video explaining the process.   Just click here to see the video     

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Another video!

A bit of silence. School this semester has been over whelming so much so that I spend every free moment writing and reading. 2 more weeks of this particular class and I get a week break! Can’t wait.   Lucky for me, I had this process video ready for publication.  For this layout I used… Continue reading Another video!

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It’s Christmas time again if you’re a crafter…….

For those who may not know, twice a year the Craft & Hobby Association hosts a show where manufacturers gather to show off their new products. We who are paper crafters become giddy with the thought of seeing what’s coming out. the Internet has made it so that we can find out almost immediately. With… Continue reading It’s Christmas time again if you’re a crafter…….

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Pumpkin Chili

I’m on a Roll! I’m glad to report that my eyeballs are still in their sockets..for now. This class is giving me a challenge that’s for sure. I had this video waiting after editing it 3 times and finally did the voice over. Here I use Crate Paper’s Farmhouse Collection. It’s an oldie but a… Continue reading Pumpkin Chili

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A New Process Video

I decided that I will post 1 new video a week. Well, at least that’s what I’m shooting for.  Classes begin tomorrow and I broke the cardinal rule (no worrying about school during break) and well let’s just say I’ll be lucky if my eyes won’t fall out of their sockets due to the massive… Continue reading A New Process Video

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There was a time that I snubbed sketches. I felt that it was “copying”. At the time I was concentrating on getting published so I wanted everything to be original. I did get published several times,  but my priorities have changed. It was  about 3 years ago that I decided to use sketches. I was… Continue reading Sketches


Bottle Caps and Flairs

One of the trends that is hot in scrapbooking are flair buttons. Manufacturers may call them different things. October Afternoon calls them Tin Pins. Jenny Bowlin calls them Flatbacks. No matter what they’re called, they are little round badges that were once popular to wear.  These little embellishments can be pricey if you try to… Continue reading Bottle Caps and Flairs